Creative Advisor

Looking for a new concept? I can help you with creating stories for commercials, promo’s, shows, events or any other business. I can also be that missing link in your creative brainstorm.

Content creator

Making videos is one of my specialities. Developing short promotional content in a different way is one of the services I provide.

Have you seen this already?


Let me tell you something about myself
"If you're doing what everyone else is doing, you're doing it wrong."

In early 2015 I graduated as a leisure manager. The big question was: Am I going to do the same as everyone else?

I always loved stories and was skillful with a camera. After gaining a lot of knowledge from my classes regarding storytelling, marketing, concept creating and facilitating creative sessions I started thinking... What if I could help companies develop creative videos for the internet. The common thread would be storytelling. And so the idea of starting my own company began.

I believe that we are living in a hasty society nowadays. We simply don't have enough time. And besides that the overload of information is too heavy to process. Above all, traditional marketing is losing its value.

Storytelling is the solution. A good story inspires and connects people. So tell your story and be different!

  • I don't like coffee but love the Chai Tea Latte.

  • Rendering videos, it takes ages.

  • I used to be a gymnast.

  • New things are on their way.

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